Timber Floors Perth

What you need to know before you start to build!

Perth Timber Floor Styles

Beaver Flooring offer a wide range of styles of timber floors Perth. We can – and do – install virtually every type of timber that you’ve seen advertised in the magazines or displays. Everything from solid, natural timbers – like Jarrah, Blackbutt, Brushbox, Spotted Gum and many more – to imported varieties like bamboo and Kempas; strip flooring, parquetry, laminates, floating floors and “engineered” timbers – like Big River Timber and Silkwood. We do it all!

But that isn’t just what we do. We prefer to work with you, to offer advice based on the location and style of your residence, and of course taking into account your ideas and budget. So if you’re planning to build or upgrade, call us first. We will work with you and with your architect or builder to provide – up-front – the specialist knowledge and experience that they may lack.

Timber Floors Perth - Installation

Methods of installing solid timber floors vary too. In a nutshell, installation techniques range from “cheap & nasty” to the very best.

At Beaver Flooring we specialise in top quality, “plank-on-ply” installations, as these provide the most stable and long-lasting solutions, particularly where the wood flooring covers a wide area. There is no doubt, this is the best method of installation!

However, where budget is a concern, we also use the “direct stick” method of installation. This has the advantage of being stable and long-lasting, but is less expensive than plank-on-ply.

But there’s no need to be confused, call us and let’s discuss the best options for your particular project. We will provide honest, reliable information and advice based on our many years of experience in the industry.


Of course the timber itself is only part of the makings of a spectacular, top quality floor. We’ve already mentioned the installation technique, but what is opften overlooked is the finish that is applied to the floor. There is a huge range of finishes: water-based, solvent-based (polyurethane) and staining, and each of these is available in matte, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. The best choice is of course a matter of individual preference, but we will be please to advise on the most appropriate combinations to enhance the beauty of your beautiful, new timber floor.

The results below speak for themselves.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss any ideas you may have for your project or residence.

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