Timber Decking Perth

Outdoor Decking Concepts

We build timber decking in Perth. Anybody who has lived overseas knows that our amazing climate and fresh air are arguably the best features of our Western Australian lifestyle. So it’s only natural that outdoor living is as much a part of our West Aussie way of life as chasing the dog on the beach or chucking a snagger on the barbie!

Of course, outdoor living areas are a natural extension of most West Aussie homes, and here too Beaver Flooring has earned a proud reputation with our vast client base over many years.

Whether as part of a new home, or as an enhancement to your existing residence, Beaver Flooring will be pleased work with you to turn ideas into reality, and to give you, your family and your friends, many happy years of outdoor entertaining.

Our Perth outdoor timber decking feature:

  • Steel posts for support
  • Treated pine structural frames
  • Structural frames manufactured to Australian Standards and comply with local government regulations.
  • Decks glued and nailed to the structural frame, for maximum stability and longevity.

As with all our work, we are happy to spend time with you – the client – to advise on design concepts for screens, decks, planter boxes and pool surrounds, and to provide guidance on the best selection of finishes and even to the best ways to care for and maintain your outdoor investment.

The results below speak for themselves.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss any ideas you may have for your project or residence.

Call Christian – Tel. 0407 473 266

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